28 July 2021


Legislation Hybrid Solar PV Wind Storage

T.RE.ND Talk: David Johann, Belectric Solar & Battery GmbH

Author: Edwin Koot

One of the biggest risks encountered in large-scale solar projects is insufficient documentation in the EPC phase, as well as the lack of cooperation among different stakeholders across the supply chain. These hurdles can affect the operational efficiency of a plant, and you don't want that.

For our latest episode of T.RE.ND talks, Edwin Koot spoke with David Johann, Head of Sales Europe & New Markets at BELECTRIC Solar & Battery GmbH. David shared his insights on:

  • The current state of the European market for utility-scale solar projects

  • The impact of upward price trends throughout the supply chain

  • Market growth outlook and the future of hybrid applications

  • Performance management for EPC and O&M contracts

In September at The Solar Future Netherlands Conference, we will discuss further and in detail how to avoid risks, especially in a maturing marketing like The Netherlands, where projects continue to grow in size, investments are becoming more solid, and there is room for innovation.

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