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Developing Large-Scale PV Projects in Ukraine's Accelerating Solar Market

This webinar was held in July 2021, but the recordings are still available!

Webinar: Developing Large-Scale PV Projects in Ukraine's Accelerating Solar Market

Tuesday July 27th


Ukraine's energy landscape is still dominated by carbon-heavy thermal power and nuclear power. However, the government has set ambitious targets to shake up the mix with clean, low-carbon electricity. Already boasting 3.8 GW of solar capacity, the market is now expecting multi-GW installation numbers annually, using an auction scheme and new legislation.


The market is not without its challenges either. The (international) investment climate is still influenced by the country's recent political turmoil and there are several other hurdles to consider. In this webinar, we will dive into the challenges, risks and opportunities that the Ukrainian solar market offers.


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Part 1: Market introduction: Trends & forecasts, policy drivers & major shifts

Part 2: Deep dive on the RES law: Auction system mechanism, stabilization clause, local component bonus

Part 3: Financial outlook: Advantages of developing a large-scale PV project in Ukraine, land rights, red flags and practical recommendations for international investors & developers



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