18 February 2021

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The Role of PV in Italy under the PNRR

Author: Nicola Kopij Zanin

The Italian government has time until April 30th 2021 to submit to the European Commission a preliminary plan, the so-called "Piano nazionale di ripresa e resilienza" (PNRR) to access over 200 billion euros allocated to Italy for the next years, as part of the Covid-19 economic relief package, "Next Generation EU".
The Italian government is dedicating the largest chunk (approximately 70 billion euros) to boost the green energy transition.
Paolo Rocco Viscontini, President of Italia Solare, the leading national solar association in Italy which regularly advises the Italian government on energy policy, will explain the suggested plan of action for the coming years and the impact of these funds on the solar business sector in Italy.


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