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Vertical and bifacial technologies for the Nordic region

with Sascha Krause-Tünker (Next2sun)

Solar energy technology in the Nordics has been evolving quickly in the past two years. However, challenges such as snow, ice, long winter nights and low levels of solar irradiation throughout the year still prove to be a major barrier to scale up the number of installations. Solarplaza’s upcoming webinar aims to provide a first look at some of the most appropriate technologies for this region.

This webinar was held in August 2020, but the recordings are still available!

Sascha Krause-Tünker


Webinar topics:

  • Energy production and grid integration
  • Agricultural aspects
  • Ecological aspects and enhancements, such as diversified habitats for flora and fauna
  • Further applications: dual use of vertical bifacial PV installations as a fencing system 

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