24 March 2020


Different Roles of the Government & the Development of Rooftop Solar

Author: Kristiaan Versteeg

Amelie Veenstra - Director Policy at Holland Solar
Remco van der Horst - Rooftop Solar at Holland Solar


This complimentary webinar is organized in anticipation of the 12the edition of The Solar Future NL. This webinar, brought to you in collaboration with Holland Solar, will serve as a prelude for the workshops at the event regarding the roles of the government in the Dutch Solar PV market, and the development of rooftop solar for SMEs and industry. Coming 8 and 9 July, at DeFabrique in Utrecht, 350+ relevant solar professionals in the Dutch PV market will meet and discuss the challenges and opportunities surrounding the hottest topics in the market in more depth.

  • Brief overview and status of the Dutch solar PV Market
  • Introduction to the Regional Energy Strategies (RES), SDE++ developments and tender procedures
  • Perspective on policy development by provinces and municipalities 
  • Introduction to the development process of rooftop solar
  • Perspective on the insurance and certification of rooftop projects
  • Q&A

Webinar Recordings & Slides

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