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Solar in Poland - the boom has just begun

with Tim Steinert (Enervis Energy Advisors GmbH) , Georg Hotar (Photon Energy)

The Polish solar market has caught international players' attention as the country hit 1.3 GW of installed solar capacity by the end of last year. Many more installations are already planned as we are set for a new round of auctions scheduled in 2020. Developers are now upgrading what previously were small scale installations by committing to developing large scale solar plants across the nation. This brings new challenges and new opportunities for what is considered as one of the most promising emerging markets in Central Eastern Europe.

This webinar was held in February 2020, but the recordings are still available!

Tim Steinert

Sr. Consultant

Georg Hotar

CEO & Co-Founder

Whether Poland will be able to radically move away from coal and embrace a successful clean energy transition will heavily depend on what will be the pace at which new solar projects will grow. We investigate key considerations and the regulatory framework which will affect such transition.

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