5 March 2020


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Green Hydrogen: Hype or Hope?

Author: Solarplaza

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Vishal Shah - Managing Partner at Hydrogen Technology Ventures
Luc Graré - Vice President Sales and Marketing at Nel Hydrogen

With 3x the energy density per weight as gasoline, hydrogen is used everyday in major industries around the world - such as the fertilizer and steel industries. However, most of the hydrogen used today is produced unsustainably; where it’s production is estimated to be responsible for 830 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year (IEA report 2019). Yet it seems a revolution is on the horizon where the reality of producing green hydrogen en masse seems closer than ever; particularly as renewable energies grow in scale and lower in costs . Is green hydrogen already economically viable? What are the applications of this technology for stakeholders from the renewable energy sector? Find out on March 5th, 16:00 CET.


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