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18 December 2019


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Top 50 Solar Portfolios

Following the last decade’s trends, the solar capacity of North America has been growing substantially in 2019. It is estimated that the solar capacity of the US and Canada will reach 67.6 GW by the end of the year. If realized, the added capacity of 14.8 GW will result in a growth rate of over 20%, a value that has not been seen in the last three years.

To get a better picture of the features, trends and transitions in the solar PV market in North America, and to gear up for Solar Asset Management 2020, we have updated our overview of the region’s 50 largest portfolios. The following data represents a cumulative capacity of 47.5 GW accounting for over 67% share of the region’s total solar capacity. In addition to portfolio capacity, geofocus of the highlighted asset owners, their headquarters and a state-by-state analysis of the market is included in this overview.

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