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19 June 2019


Solar Auction Project Development Market intelligence Greece

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A glance at Greek solar

This report focuses on the 3 key most important aspects of greece's photovoltaic (pv) market: the country's solar situation, pv auctions, and the current obstacles & opportunities. The first part of the report focuses on greece's pv capacity and the current announced projects, followed by an auction analysis, and ends with an overview of the country's market challenges and the opportunities present for the future of greek solar.

Greece’s solar pv market has experienced quite some developments over the six months since solarplaza organized the first edition of ‘the solar future greece’, back in november 2018. Since then, the country has organized two solar auctions in which it issued a total of 546.12 mw of pv capacity across 193 small and large-scale projects. The largest project that was issued capacity, the 204 mw kozani solar project, is set to come online within the next two years and will be southeast europe’s largest solar pv plant to date. This, together with the ever-decreasing prices for pv equipment, have led greece to once again become one of the most promising solar energy markets in europe.

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