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Webinar - The Dutch Solar PV Market: Market Outlook & Future Grid Developments Explained

This webinar was held in March 2019, but the recordings are still available!


The SDE+ subsidy again led to thousands of approved applications for projects last year, and projects are increasing in size. However, the surge of solar PV in the Netherlands is also resulting in challenges. Especially for the country’s electricity grid, this is increasingly becoming the case. 

This complimentary webinar is meant to provide in-depth insights into the future outlook of the Dutch PV market as well as the future grid developments. Jaap Baarsma, chairman of Holland Solar, will provide an overarching perspective of the market covering topics such as the role of subsidies, PPAs, the electricity grid, and the national climate agreement. Subsequently Huibert Baud, Manager Strategy & Innovation at grid operator Liander, will discuss the future grid developments and the accompanying challenges and solutions that are being sought.

The Dutch market will continue to draw attention and excitement, as well as offer plenty of opportunities for investors and developers alike. Coming June 13th, we will again assemble the most relevant solar professionals in the Dutch PV market, and discuss the challenges and opportunities at the 11th edition of the leading Dutch PV conference ‘The Solar Future NL’, in DeFabrique, Utrecht. For more information about #TheSolarFutureNL, please visit: https://thesolarfuture.nl/

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