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PPAs on the horizon: The opportunity for Italy

As with any market parity (subsidy-free) project, many questions remain: Who is going to buy the energy, at what price and for how long? PPAs are increasingly seen as the cornerstone for all future development. Is the Italian market ready for the next step?

Peter Osbaldstone, Research Director at Wood Mackenzie, was joined by Dario Gallanti, Partner at Our New Energy, was joined by Leoncio Montemayor, Project Manager at Solarplaza, to take a deep dive to discuss the opportunity for PPAs in Italy. 

This webinar was held in February 2019, but the recordings are still available!

Topics addressed in this webinar:

  • Why the Italian market is ripe for development.
  • The position of Italy in comparison to other market parity countries such as Spain.
  • What are some of the key challenges with regards to PPAs in Italy?
  • How big are the opportunities and where will you find them?


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