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Webinar - Corporate Renewable Energy transition in China

This webinar was held in September 2018, but the recordings are still available!


The corporate world is the end consumer of almost 60% of all the energy produced in the world, making it a vital link in the global energy transition. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) estimates that - following the current path - by 2050 corporates will be taking up 18% of total renewable energy consumption. However, in order to stay below the 2 degrees Celsius limit defined at the Paris Climate Accords, this figure should be 80%. That is a large gap to fill.

Multinational operations have large production and supply chain footprints across Asia, but struggle to find suitable ways to engage in renewable energy in a number of countries in the region. 

Solarplaza is hosting two webinars (20 & 27 September, 2018) dedicated to corporate renewable energy in Asia. During the webinars we will look at the market opportunities and bottlenecks for corporations to power their operations with renewable energy.

Topics that will be addressed in this webinar: 

  • State of the corporate renewable energy market in South-East Asia
  • General market conditions for corporates going RE
  • Country snapshots on legislation, challenges, opportunities - zooming in on the front runner(s)
  • Question round


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