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Webinar - Building O&M strategies in nascent markets around sophisticated data solutions

This webinar was held in September 2018, but the recordings are still available!


O&M solution providers must employ both real-time and predictive data analysis to minimize operating expenses wherever possible. Carefully examining dynamic plant conditions like soiling and module degradation with sophisticated data analytics create the opportunity for O&M providers to optimize a custom maintenance schedule, further securing the long-term profitability of the plant.

Marcel Langone, Project Manager at Solarplaza, was joined by Ben Hansen & Zach Kreifels from SMA and Alexander Wolf from Meteocontrol to discuss how effective data gathering, organization and presentation are enabling a more efficient O&M strategy.

Topics addressed in this webinar:

  • How real-time analytics are being used to detect issues that are unbeknownst to plant operators, mitigating costly downtime and lost production
  • Why forward-looking O&M strategies using predictive analytics are critical in minimizing operational expenses
  • How optimizing a plant’s maintenance schedule utilizing predictive data analytics can have a profound impact on profitability
  • What sophisticated new data gathering and analysis solutions are used to determine if/when equipment may need to be repowered
  • How monitoring solutions are enabling O&M providers a greater level of accessibility and analyzation to create effective action plans
  • What distinguishes professional monitoring from data visualization
  • The importance of irradiance data for performance analytics
  • Conclusions from KPIs and variance analysis

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