Operations & Maintenance Monitoring Data analytics

Webinar - How Sophisticated Data Solutions are Transforming Asset Management and O&M

This webinar was held in September 2018, but the recordings are still available!


Simply monitoring a plant’s uptime and addressing issues that arise is not enough to ensure successful, cost-effective operating life. O&M solution providers must employ both real-time and predictive data analysis to minimize operating expenses wherever possible. 

Kostis Tzanakakis, Project Manager at Solarplaza, was joined by Ben Hansen and Zach Kreifels from SMA America together with Vishal Punamiya from Sitemark to discuss how carefully examining dynamic plant conditions with sophisticated data analytics create the opportunity for O&M providers to optimize a custom maintenance schedule, further securing the long-term profitability of the plant.

Topics addressed in this webinar:

  • How real-time analytics are being used to detect issues that are unbeknownst to plant operators, mitigating costly downtime and lost production
  • Why forward-looking O&M strategies using predictive analytics are critical in minimizing operational expenses
  • How optimizing a plant’s maintenance schedule utilizing predictive data analytics can have a profound impact on profitability
  • Deploying and integrating aerial data within an organization at scale
  • Practical case studies

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