White Paper

4 April 2019


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Solar Renaissance in Italy

Italy, one of the earliest countries in Europe to reach market parity and with a 50 GW target for 2030, is now fully ready to take an influx of solar energy. As with any market parity (subsidy-free) country, many questions remain. The aim of this country report is to try to answer some of those questions by providing a comprehensive overview of the solar energy market in Italy, along with key insights into its regulatory framework, photovoltaic (PV) sector and the current challenges and opportunities for its solar industry.

Recently, Italy experienced a 7% growth in new PV installations in 2018 and was able to reach a cumulative installed PV capacity of over 20 GW. The emergence of large-scale unsubsidized PV projects and private power purchase agreements (PPAs) have shined a new light on the country’s solar market and have instilled new hopes in all stakeholders.

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