White Paper

20 March 2019


Direct Current Operations & Maintenance Technical advice

Estimated reading time: 10 min

Defying the Waves of Degradation

As the solar industry continues to expand, Photovoltaic (PV) portfolio managers are faced with a set of complex issues that are unique in the power generation space. PV systems consist of a massive number of individual generators spread over a geographically large area. While the management of inverters, substations, and other “AC side” components can borrow best practices from similar industries, the management of DC side health - everything between the solar panels and the inverters - presents a unique problem set for PV operators. The goal of this whitepaper is to give an overview of techniques and best practices for the optimization of a DC portfolio. 

What’s included?

  • What are the goals of DC Optimization: How to define success for a DC optimization campaign.
  • How much do we care about DC health: Methods for quantifying the impacts of DC issues on yearly revenues.
  • The time value of energy: How to evaluate the long-term impact of DC issues.
  • Defining Actionability : How to define which issues to address and which to ignore?
  • Data Enabled Maintenance: Using Condition-based and predictive models for DC  optimization.

This white paper was created in preparation for Solarplaza Summit Asset Management North America. Be the first to know when the new edition will be held by signing up for updates.

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