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30 January 2019


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Guide for PV Development in Spain

This year, the Spanish solar market is expected to reach new heights. Some even claim it may bring an amount of new installations that the country has not seen in several years. However, this boom has also come with its set of regulatory challenges. To clarify some of the essential processes involved with the development of solar PV projects, Solarplaza has created this Guide for PV Developers in Spain to provide a simplified overview for project developers and market stakeholders with all the steps necessary to successfully getting projects developed from the start to the ready-to-build phase.

In 2018 alone, new PV installations reached around 714 MW. Projections for 2019 show that Spain could see between 1.7 and 4 GW of new PV capacity added to the grid. Such fast-paced growth comes with its own unique opportunities and risks, for both market players and governmental authorities, which are also discussed in the Guide.

The report is part of the preparation for the Solar Market Parity Spain conference, hosted by Solarplaza on 14 March 2019 in Madrid. The goal of this one-day event is to bring together 300+ high-level attendees, from national and international developers and investors to manufacturers and consultants, to explore and contribute to the resurgence of the Spanish PV sector.


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