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16 January 2019


Renewable Energy Targets Financial advice PPA Legal advice Argentina

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Solar Snapshot - Argentina 2019

Argentina’s newly opened electricity market is on a fast track to incorporating renewables in its energy mix and has proven to be one of the most promising markets for clean energy in Latin America.

The country’s ambitious target of achieving a 20% share from renewable sources in its power mix by 2025, and its RenovAr program have been major pillars in the country’s renewable energy transition.

This report is part of the preparation for the ‘El Futuro Solar Argentina’ conference, which will be hosted by Solarplaza on 24 April 2019 in Buenos Aires. The goal of this oneday event is to facilitate focused sessions on financially structuring PV projects, the implications of Argentina’s DG law, the ins and outs of corporate PPAs, and much more.

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