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8 October 2018


Asset Management Monitoring software

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AI-Driven Asset Management To Revolutionize Manual PV Monitoring

AI is already being employed across major industries to improve efficiency and data analytics, among others. In order to decipher how AI-powered solutions can benefit the solar space, we need to identify the key challenges hindering the industry and AI’s particular role in addressing them. This white paper expands on utilising AI technology for better data acquisition to improve visibility into a solar PV plant, increase yield and reduce operational costs. Typical applications of AI in the solar space entail three broad categories of energy forecasting, energy efficiency and energy accessibility. Much like the Tesla car, which requires minimum human intervention, the golden idea for solar would also be to collect sensory data from a multitude of sources to be utilized to maintain a PV portfolio according to its needs. To learn more, download this complimentary white paper:  

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