4 October 2018


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Africa Solar Impact Cases Report

Author: Tom van der Linden & Marco Dorothal, Solarplaza

The aim of this document is to zoom in on individual solar projects and cases, highlighting the involvement of the different types of actors in the creation of resounding impact on local communities and individuals. To go beyond the numbers and - through the stories and experiences of lesser-heard voices - showcase the significance of solar energy development. To do that, we have selected a small number of cases across the three segments to paint a human picture of the evolving solar energy markets of Africa.

The report includes 6 cases, touching upon the off-grid, microgrid, mini-grid and utility-scale solar segments. Read about the conception of the projects, the execution and maintenance of the solar systems, and the future outlook and scalability of the projects. Moreover, learn about how solar electrification changed the lives of people like:

  • Jessica Mukimba (Uganda), who works at the 10 MW Tororo solar plant as storekeeper and site cleaner, which has enabled her to send her 7-year-old son to school, buy new livestock and build a new house.
  • Ibrahim Chegi (Kenya), a businessman who could finally power his dream of a nightclub in the fisherman’s village of Entasopia, for which he can rely on a steady power supply from the village solar microgrid.
  • Obert Joseph Ncube (Zimbabwe), deputy head of the Mashaba Primary School, which saw its conditions severely improved since the inauguration of a solar mini-grid, as reliable power has improved grade results and teacher retention.
  • Sikhangele Ndlovu (Zimbabwe), a nurse at Mashaba Clinic, which is now able to also work safely at night, performing surgeries and delivering babies with decent lighting and equipment.

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