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19 September 2018


Innovation Operations & Maintenance Asset Management Data analytics

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OPEX reduction plus performance improvement

This comprehensive (12-page) white paper elaborates on the subject of advanced data analysis in combination with the current key asset management component of operations and maintenance (O&M), specifically highlighting the delicacies surrounding operating expenses (OPEX). Furthermore, this paper attempts to shake up the current thinking around the operation and management of PV assets, and offer solutions for a way forward, appropriate for the times.

The PV industry has experienced both dynamic change and growth in recent years. Changes include the maturation of renewable energy markets and the expiration of feed-in tariffs and incentives for PV plants in Europe and elsewhere. Not only has this initiated a massive consolidation of the industry, but it has also increased the commercial pressure on PV asset owners and managers to optimize their PV plant operations and reduce their OPEX in a sustainable manner.

Furthermore, the consolidation of the industry has resulted in numerous companies owning or managing hundreds of PV plants with slim in-house teams and, therefore, a very real need to industrialize their PV plant supervision and analysis.

To serve this purpose, providers of advanced data analysis are increasing in number and vary in type and scale. Despite this established offering, the concept of advanced data analysis is still relatively new and has experienced a slow integration into the traditional PV asset management structure.

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