9 May 2018


Energy Flexibility Solar PV Storage Asset Management

Energy Flexibility NOW report

The need for unlocking energy flexibility is a challenge that addresses all stakeholders along the energy value chain. This challenge comes with renewed - or completely new - interactions between these stakeholders and requires these stakeholders to understand each other’s needs, challenges and opportunities. The ENERGY FLEXIBILITY NOW report is not an attempt to create an exhaustive list of all activities in the field of energy flexibility, but rather an overview of activities in the various stakeholder groups, in an attempt to contribute to this understanding. 

Energy Flexibility Forum

The ENERGY FLEXIBILITY NOW report is an attempt to further the flexibility agenda by providing insights in the activities throughout the various stakeholder groups. However, real progress can only be made when these stakeholders connect, discuss and form partnerships in a physical venue. The Energy Flexibility Forum (EFF) will be the platform facilitating this much needed cross-industry networking and knowledge-sharing. On the 11th and 12th of June, transmission and distribution system operators will get the chance to specify their needs and challenges in terms of flexibility; solution providers will showcase the potential of solutions such as storage, e-mobility, demand response, blockchain and artificial intelligence; and the various stakeholder will join panels on market formation, regulation and barriers towards adoption. Combined with unrivalled networking opportunities - such as topic-based roundtables, one-on-one matchmaking and networking breaks - this makes the Energy Flexibility Forum in Copenhagen an essential conference to attend for anyone actively involved in energy flexibility.

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