25 April 2018


Top 20 Announced Solar PV Projects in The Netherlands

Author: Tom van der Linden, Solarplaza

On May 17th, the 10th annual and jubilee edition of The Solar Future NL will take place in DeFabrique, Utrecht. In preparation for this event, we’re diving into the market once again for an analysis of what is going on in terms of size, trends, projects, developers, technologies, and much more. With this new overview we want to provide our readers with an overview of the growth in the Dutch utility-scale solar market by highlighting the 20 largest PV projects that have been announced for The Netherlands.

Key highlights:

  • The top 20 announced projects together accounts for 945.86MW of new capacity, close to 1 GW!

  • 4 out of the 20 plants are scheduled to come online this year, whilst the other 16 are planned for 2019 and beyond

  • 4 out of the 20 plants are floating PV systems, whilst the other 16 are "conventional" greenfield projects

  • The list of involved companies is strongly dominated by HerboGroenleven, though the Top 3 does not include any of their projects. Powerfield is another frequently returning name, as is Solarfields.

Top 10 Announced Solar PV Projects The Netherlands

# Name Size (MWp) Location Type Lead Companies Est. Operating SDE+ received
1 Zonnepark Vlagtwedde 109 Vlagtwedde F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
2 Zonnepark Midden-Groningen 103.0 Hoogezand-Sappermeer F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
3 Zonnepark Stadskanaal 70.0 Stadskanaal F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
4 Zonnepark Muntendam/Menterwolde 56.1 Duurkenakker F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
5 Zonnepark Steenwijk 51.3 Steenwijkerland F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
6 Zonnepark Oudeschoot 51.3 Oudeschot F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
7 Zonnepark Emmen-Klazienaveen 51.3 Emmen F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
8 Solarpark Scaldia 50.0 Zeeland, weiland tussen borsele en vlissingen F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
9 Zonnepark Sellingerbeetse 48.7 Vlagtwedde F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.
10 Zonnepark Budel 47.8 Budel F.O. F.O. F.O. F.O.

F.O. = Full Overview
Access the full overview to see the full Top 20, including details on project type, involved companies, operational date targets and SDE+ grants.

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