White Paper

7 February 2018


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Peril of Smart Solar and Cybersecurity Measures

Every business is a digital one now and every individual heavily relies on the interconnected world of devices and cybernetworks. This has triggered an era tainted by fright of mass targeted attacks and has brought the notion of digital protection to the fore in many industries. Solar has also experienced an uptick in the conversation surrounding cyber safety. The majority of existing research highlights the perils of inverters and risks associated with multiplication and interconnectedness of solar systems, such as grid operations. For instance, inverters can be remotely accessed and used to shut down the PV plant. Moreover, the grid serves as a highly strategic target for hackers aiming to inflict significant damages. The grid becomes more susceptible to cyber intrusions as the number of technologies linked to it multiplies. Today, solar accounts for an increasingly significant share of the electricity generated in a growing number of countries. Therefore, switching off some part of the plant, or the plant in its entirety, can lead to massive power outages. Given the growing complexity and velocity of the cyber attacks, official regulators, developers, contractors and consumers should be rigorous in shoring up solar operations with appropriate security measures.

This complimentary 10-page white paper provides a brief, yet comprehensive overview of the phenomenon of cyberattacks & cybersecurity in the energy sector, the implications and considerations for asset managers and the current practices and research regarding cybersecurity measures.

This white paper was created in preparation for Solarplaza Summit Asset Management North America. Be the first to know when the new edition will be held by signing up for updates.

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