13 April 2017



Top 20 Solar Developers in the Netherlands

Author: Tom van der Linden, Solarplaza

With a luring 12 billion euro subsidy program for renewable energy in 2017 and more solar parks being built at a larger scale, the Dutch PV market stands at the verge of a strong boost in the coming years. Experts predict the total PV capacity to increase from the current 2+ Gigawatts to 20 Gigawatts in 2027. Foreign contractors and investors are eager to enter the market.

To get a grasp of which developers and companies are leading this movement, we dived into the data of the (granted) SDE+ subsidy applications and compiled a Top 20 overview of developers and their solar pipelines. You can see the Top 5 below and see the full top 20 upon completing a short form at the bottom of the page.

The combined size of all these developers' pipelines amounts to 890.3 MWp of solar capacity

The largest developer in terms of capacity is Herbo Groenleven, with a total of 223MW (a neat quarter of the pie) granted over 'just' 16 applications, meaning they will develop plants of a magnitude that's still very rare in the Netherlands. 
Runner-up Powerfield is also targetting big parks, with 124.2MW divided over 3 applications. 
Bronze medalist ZON XP, however, has accumulated a 116.3MW portfolio over a total of 85 applications, and will thus develop a significant amount of 'smaller' plants.

KiesZon is the fifth-ranking developer on the list and has the largest number of applications; a total of 123 individual applications, all still from the 2014 round. The majority of applications in this list, however, stem from the 2016 SDE+ rounds.

Most of the high ranking companies in this overview, including the full top 5, are specialized solar developers, but the list of companies also includes two utilities (Eneco and ENGIE) and three real estate companies (WDP, Leeyen Vastgoed and Prologis). 

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