Webinar - Global business opportunities for Architectural Solar (BIPV)

This webinar was held in February 2017, but the recordings are still available!

Webinar: Global business opportunities for Architectural Solar (BIPV)
Wednesday 22 February, 16:30 CET


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Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) are photovoltaic elements that are used to replace conventional building materials in or on the building envelope. BIPV is seen as one of the key development tracks of PV towards mass application.
What are the business opportunities for architectural solar solutions, or BIPV (Building Integrated PV)? Solar is not only becoming the cheapest energy source. Architectural solar solutions can lead to energy neutral buildings at an attractive financial return. They will become the backbone of the zero energy buildings.
According to a report by Dem4BiPV, the BIPV market was rapidly growing in the last years, from 1.5 GW in 2014 to 2.3 GW in 2015 and the global BIPV market grew about 40%. The global outlook for 2020 is 11.1 GW.

What are the hottest markets for architectural solutions? What are the most attractive market segments and applications in Europe, USA and globally ? Is it solar roofs, or facades, or other structures? What do business cases look like?

These questions will be discussed during our dedicated, free webinar on the 22nd of February.. Our webinar will give you an excellent opportunity to learn from leading players and stakeholders involved in architectural solar. They will share their personal experiences, opinions on the latest developments and their visions for the future.


  • What does the market for Architectural Solar look like?
  • What are market expectations?
  • What are the hottest market segments and applications?
  • What are examples of business cases?
  • What financial returns are possible?
  • How to make a financially attractive return with ASS (architectural Solar Solutions)?

Webinar Speakers & Program

16:30 Opening
Chairman: Edwin Koot /// CEO & Founder - Solarplaza

  • Solarplaza intro
  • Webinar mechanics

16:40 The Architectural Solar Association
Browning Rockwell /// Executive Director - ASA

  • History
  • Mission Statement

16:45 The Global BIPV Opportunity
Chris Klinga /// Technical Director - ASA

  • The market size and opportunity
  • Market dynamics driving adoption
  • The incremental cost of BIPV

16:55 BIPV - A European Perspective and Business Case
Renato Macconi /// Principal - Energy Glass srl

  • Experiences in Europe
  • BIPV Business Case in Europe
  • Market opportunities in Europe

17:10 BIPV - A US Perspective and Business Case
Anthony Pereira /// Owner - altPOWER, Inc.

  • Experiences in the USA
  • BIPV Business Case in the USA
  • Market opportunities in the USA

17:25 General Q&A

17:35 Close


SPEAKER /// Browning Rockwell - Executive Director & Co-Founder, ASA

Over his 36-year career he has spanned a range of disciplines related to business development, international business, and project and technical management. He has founded and led several not for profit associations including the Emirates Solar Industry Association (ESIA), Saudi Arabia Solar Industry Associations (SASIA) and Solar GCC Alliance aimed at furthering the growth of solar energy in the Middle East.

SPEAKER /// Christopher Klinga - Technical Director & Co-Founder, ASA

A 9 year veteran to the solar industry with a strong background in solar installation design and operations as well as architectural solar product development. Christopher is a licensed professional structural engineer. In addition to his efforts with ASA he operates his own solar product development firm SolMotiv where he consults directly with the full value chain of both the PV and curtain wall industries. Christopher is co-inventor on 3 solar technology US patents as well as 3 pending patents. Christopher holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado in Boulder.

SPEAKER /// Renato Macconi - Founder, Energy Glass

Founder of EnergyGlass and BiPV Design consultant for a wide range of projects. Deep experience in requirement analysis, technology selections and solution design and implementation.


SPEAKER /// Anthony Pereira - Owner, altPOWER

Anthony O. Pereira is President & CEO of altPOWER, a Renewable Energy Integrator with offices in New York and London. Founded in 1998, altPOWER specializes in urban renewable energy systems and is one of the nation’s leading building integrated photovoltaic systems providers.
Anthony is a former Board member of the USGBC NYC Chapter and the New York Solar Energy Industries Association, acting as President of the Board from 2002-06. He was a member of the New York City Electrical Code Review and Interpretation Committee from 2007 to 2013 and currently holds a seat on the New York City Department of Buildings; Buildings Sustainability Board.
Anthony is an acknowledged PV industry leader, some of the awards he has received over the years include: The Association of Energy Engineers 2007 Renewable Energy Innovator of the Year, Glass Magazine’s 2008 - 20 under 40 Award, and in 2009 the U.S.DOE’ Special Achievement Award for Technology Demonstration.


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