Webinar: Blockchain impact on solar energy

This webinar was held in November 2016, but the recordings are still available!

Webinar: Blockchain impact on solar energy
Wednesday 14 December, 16:30 CET


This webinar has already taken place! 

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Some experts say that the Blockchain could be as disruptive as the internet itself upon its introduction, and that we can’t yet oversee what the impact and opportunities will be. What is a ‘Blockchain’? How does it work? And how does this relate and impact the solar industry? These questions will be discussed during our dedicated, free webinar on the 14th of December. 
The Blockchain is about ‘trust’, ’public ledgers’, ‘cutting out middlemen’, ‘bitcoins’, ‘a distributed network supporting distributed renewable energy’, ‘peer to peer energy sales’ and more. Our webinar will give you an excellent opportunity to learn from leading players and stakeholders involved in the first Blockchain solar projects. They will share their personal experiences, opinions on the latest developments and their visions for the future.


  • What is a Blockchain?
  • How does it work?
  • What can the Blockchain mean for solar energy?
  • What initiatives are already out there?
  • When will it become a significant development?
  • For which stakeholders in solar is the Blockchain most interesting?
  • What does it take/cost?
  • What are leading suppliers & companies involved?

Webinar Speakers & Program

16:30    Opening
Chairman: Edwin Koot /// CEO & Founder - Solarplaza

16:40    What is ‘Blockchain’ and how to use it for (solar)energy? 
Axel von Perfall /// Senior Manager - PwC (Energy, Power & Utilities, Infrastructure, Public Sector). PWC published a report: “potentials of blockchain technology for the power & utility sector and consumers”

16:55    Going solar using bitcoins and the Blockchain
Abraham Cambridge /// Founder & CEO - The Sun Exchange. Through The Sun Exchange, anyone can go solar with bitcoins and using the Blockchain.

17:10    The TransActive Grid - The open peer-to-peer energy platform
Scott Kessler /// Director of Operations - LO3 Energy. The TransActive Grid demo project in New York is an innovative new peer-to-peer energy transaction platform based on Blockchain technology. 

17:25    Q&A

17:35    Close



SPEAKER /// Abraham Cambridge - CEO, The SunExchange

Abraham Cambridge is a British born solar entrepreneur and disruptive technologist. In 2008 he completed an MSc in the Science of Climate Change under a NERC scholarship at UEA and has since established several businesses around the world that use solar energy as a means for creating positive change. In 2010 he pioneered utility-scale solar in Britain and in 2012 one of his businesses, The Renewable Energy Co-operative, was nominated 'International Co-operative of The Year' in the United Nations Year of Co-operatives. Abe now lives in South Africa, a country drenched in sunlight and rich in natural beauty and from where in 2014 he launched the world-changing solar energy venture, The Sun Exchange.

SPEAKER /// Scott Kessler - Operations, LO3 Energy

Scott’s background includes the administration of energy efficiency programs with a state agency as well as time spent at a consulting firm assisting utilities in improving their existing programs and assessing their impacts. Throughout his nearly ten years of experience in the energy industry in New York and California, Scott has combined an engineering background with experience in business and project management to achieve success and energy savings amidst difficult regulatory environments.

SPEAKER /// Axel von Perfall - Senior Manager, PwC

Dr. Axel von Perfall is Senior Manager in the Energy & Utilities Team of PwC. Axel has over 15 years of consulting experience. His focus is on the digital transformation of power & utility companies. This includes smart metering, smart home, business analytics and blockchain technology. Axel von Perfall is the author of the studies “Utility companies on their journey towards digitalization” and “Blockchain in the Power & Utility industries”. He is based in Berlin, Germany.






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