Webinar: Key Challenges for Renewable Energy in Iran

This webinar was held in June 2016, but the recordings are still available!

Following the much talked about Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action -in short the lifting of sanctions and the re-entrance of Iran to the global economy- there is abundant interest to establish new (business) relations or re-establish those cut off. Across the whole board of industries there is growing interest.
For the Renewable Energy sector opening up of such a well-established market offers broad opportunities, where the existing grid and its quality can embed new additional generation capacities. (a well-known hurdle in some countries). Furthermore the state eyes 5 GW of renewable energy generating capacity to be added before 2020.

This webinar goes into the general standings at this point in time. Where do we stand for those that are interested in doing business with or setting up business in Iran, and those looking for projects to finance and/or develop in the renewable energy sphere in Iran?

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