Webinar: Key O&M considerations in Pre-connection, Early operation and End of life phase

This webinar was held in February 2016, but the recordings are still available!

What should be in the pre-interconnection service?

Operations and maintenance considerations are relevant in all phases of a plant’s life cycle. In the period leading up to interconnection there are many important service activities to consider in order to set the stage for a successful O&M handoff. We’ll discuss a service called Grid Emulation™ and how it can accelerate the path to energization while identifying potential pitfalls that can affect plant performance.

O&M priorities and best practices during first years of operations.

The profitability and long-term value of a PV asset is significantly impacted by the quality of your operations and maintenance plan.  Leveraging our industry leading experience of over 4.5GW in operation to maximize plant performance and protect your valuable assets will enable you to reach your highest possible return on investment.  We will review best practices for our core competencies… Operations, Maintenance and Performance Optimization.  And help you understand what you should focus on during those early years of operation.

Service considerations related to a plant’s end of life phase.

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