Webinar: Financing India's solar revolution: Opportunities and challenges

This webinar was held in June 2015, but the recordings are still available!

India's central government has set itself the immense task of installing 100 GW of solar capacity in India by 2022. Current installed capacity is just over 3 GW, and installing a further 97 GW of solar PV within the next 7 years will require an estimated investment of almost 200 million USD. 

Financing still remains a challenge and there are still market barriers that could prevent this goal from being realized within such a short time frame. India's GDP growth is set to overtake China's this year to become the world's fastest growing economy and with an increasing demand for energy and desire to include more renewable sources of power generation the opportunities in the solar market are plentiful. 

To find out more join Jasmeet Khurana (BRIDGE TO INDIA) and Satya Kumar (Shri Shakti Alternative Energy) for the complimentary webinar Financing India's Solar Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges. They will examine the opportunities for finance and investment as well as the challenges that need to be addressed to allow for ample project development and finance opportunities.

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