11 March 2015


Top 70 major PV owners, investors and users in North America

Author: Solarplaza

This top 70 contains an interesting mix of utilities (including APS, Duke, NRG and more), IPPs (EDF, LS Power, Silver Ridge Power and more), investors (MetLife, GE, Union Bank) and other companies.

You can view the top 20 right here and gain access to the full top 70 here. 

The information is based on public available info (as not every company is willing to share these figures) but gives an idea of the companies most active investing, developing or using PV.

A basic but interesting insight is on the asset management and O&M of these over 3GW of PV plants.

O&M is outsourced by over 3 times as many companies as Asset Management, which is relatively often taken care of in house according to our findings (in 56% of the companies in this overview).

If we look at this from a MW perspective, the Asset Management of two thirds of the MWs represented in this overview is done in-house, vs 1 on 4 MWs outsourced.

In terms of O&M, we can see that this is taken care of in house for a larger portion of the MWs in this overview. Also for O&M one fourth of the MWs in this overview is partly taken care of in house and partly outsourced.

We look forward to analyze deeper the consolidation of assets that will also continue to take place in the US and Canada. One session at our upcoming conference Solar Asset Management North America is actually dedicated to the topics secondary market, valuation of assets and other key topics related to this.

Since these figures are based on publicly available data it might be that not all numbers are up to date or complete. Please feel free to share
your comments, additions and any suggestions with us by sending them to [email protected].

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