10 October 2006


Interview with Govind Kaintura, General Manager Moser Baer

Ans-Post Graduate in Electronics and Communication engineering from Indian Institute of Technology , Roorkee, India, Started career through campus selection in Govt of India Company, a Solar PV Business. Worked as head of Sales and Marketing ( along with system design and project management) with start-up companies in renewable energy such as Webel- Helios joint venture and SunTechnics (Conergy) for south Asian region. Worked as Head of product marketing in BP SOLAR India. .Presently heading domestic sales and supporting international business development for Moser Baer Photovoltaic Ltd, New Delhi, India.

What are the ambitions of your company for the coming 3 years in terms of markets and volumes?
To be a technology-driven market global player in all photovoltaic technology verticals (supply chains)


What is your opinion about the current PV market situation in your country?
It is booming in offgrid, rural electrification and telecom sector.


If you were looking for international cooperation, which kinds of business partners would you be specially interested in?
We already have international partners in CPV , nanosolar and other PV technologies.


Which issues or developments are you specially interested in?
I have special interest in sales strategy,market development and PV/renewable energy applications.


What will help your company grow even faster?
We are already in high growth path.


What market development has surprised you the most in recent years?
We Grid-connected photovoltaic systems.


What do you see as the major challenges in the PV market?
Understanding the different driving factors in different countries/ terrain.


What do you consider as the biggest failures or mistakes made in the solar industry?
Comparing the Solar energy cost with grid-electricity cost and thinking of solar energy as an alternative to other conventional energy sources, whereas solar energy is a supplement and is the only commercial energy alternative in many locations.


What are your expectations for the global PV market in the next 5 years?
It will grow more than 30 % per year with good profitability.


What do you consider to be winning companies and technologies for the future?
Conventional silicon will rule the market for next 5 to 7 years and concentrator PV has a good future.

Thank you for the interview.

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