18 October 2011


The Positive Energy Building, One Of The Photovoltaic Industry's Saviors

"The positive energy building is the global future. " Jean-Louis Estèves, CEO of TCE Solar, can barely contain his enthusiasm. For him, there is no doubt: the positive energy building, a building that produces more electricity than it consumes, is one of the saviors of the photovoltaic industry. The Grenelle has declared, on the basis of the European Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings: As of 2020, in France, all new buildings will be positive energy buildings. This obligation will enter into force for local authorities as of 2018.

And where there is positive energy, there is electricity generation, and therefore integrated solar photovoltaics. According to Jean-Louis Estèves, all of the players in this industry have their part to play. "The green building requires mastery of little-known technologies," he explains. "There is still much progress to be made with regard to, firstly, solutions for integrated production of solar photovoltaic electricity. The industry must address this topic: improving what already exists, and inventing what does not yet exist. " In his opinion, it will then be possible to export this specific "French-style" know-how worldwide for decades to come. Not to mention all the buildings that will require renovation and rehabilitation! "It's a challenge which we could look at as saving the planet," says Jean-Louis Estèves.

The topic of positive energy buildings will be at the heart of the International Conference in Lyon on 10 November, organized by Solarplaza, an independent organization specializing in solar photovoltaic energy. This major event will be attended by renowned industry experts: professionals in this sector, state officials, project developers, financial experts... These experts will present their outlook for the French market and share their experiences and knowledge in the field of solar energy in France. A not-to-be-missed day:

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