4 May 2010


Solar PV expert predicts solid growth for UK market

“The UK solar revolution is underway. Since the Government announced the financial incentives we have seen very strong interest in PV products from homeowners and commercial operators. The feed-in tariff is a market-building mechanism. It is designed to create sufficient demand for PV systems to trigger two benefits: first, falling cost and price of solar electricity, and second, growth of a proper UK-based solar PV industry. With the right supply chain in place, I believe that we can achieve grid parity – where solar power in homes will cost no more than conventional electricity – as soon as 2013,” says Jeremy Leggett.

The UK PV Conference will help entrepreneurs, investors, utilities operators and electrical contractors better understand the UK PV market and all of its business potential. As well as hearing from Mr Leggett and fellow keynote speaker Hermann Scheer, delegates will hear presentations from UK law makers, regulators, industry experts, financiers and other major solar stakeholders. The conference takes place on 22 June 2010 in London.

“PV is a massive opportunity for UK businesses and investors, but the market potential means that we can expect fierce competition from experienced European operators. Solar firms who have profited from the German, Spanish and Belgium markets are keen to do business in the UK and are already actively tendering for ambitious ground-mounted PV projects in the south of England,” says conference organiser Edwin Koot, CEO, Solarplaza. “The PV Conference will bring stakeholders together to discuss how best to profit from opportunities in the UK.”

UK PV Conference

The conference will take place on 22 June 2010 at Central Hall, Westminster, London. A full conference programme will examine solar market potential, investment opportunities, regulatory issues and technology developments. The conference aims to bring together entrepreneurs, investors, financiers, property developers, utilities operators and electrical contractors to learn, discuss and network. The event is being organised by Solarplaza.

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