4 June 2010


Straight-talking Scheer to headline UK PV Conference

In his keynote, Dr Scheer will discuss the solar economy and explain why the UK should invest in solar photovoltaics. On the European solar scene, Dr Scheer, who initiated the world’s first and most successful feed-in tariff (FIT) support scheme in Germany, is one of the best qualified to comment on whether the solar industry in the UK can replicate the level of success that FITs in Germany, France and Italy have achieved.

The new FITs, which the UK Government introduced on 1 April 2010, determine that utility companies will pay cash rewards – anything between 29p and 41p for every kWh that a company or private household generates using its own PV cells or other renewable energy technologies, depending on how much energy is produced in total. They will also pay £0.03 for every kWh that will be feed back to the grid.

“We are delighted to have Hermann Scheer at our conference,” says the organiser Edwin Koot, CEO of Solarplaza. “Hermann is an alluring speaker, and isn’t afraid to tackle controversial subjects. He believes there is an opportunity to completely transform the paradigm for energy services, and that tomorrow’s leaders will be new companies embracing renewable technologies, rather than existing companies clinging to the traditional energy infrastructure.”

The conference will take place on 22 June 2010 at Central Hall Westminster, and will bring together more than 150 industry experts from the business sector, the government and regulatory authorities. Delegates can register to attend the conference at

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