4 December 2014


The Key to Understanding the Energy Sector’s Reform in Mexico: Solar Finance Tour Mexico 2015





In previous years, the CFE had a monopoly on the generation, distribution and transmission of electricity, thereby greatly limiting private investment opportunities. At present, CENACE has taken charge, and has already begun to oversee the wholesale electric market, edging out the CFE, which has now become just one of many competitors. To explore how the market will continue to adapt, Solarplaza, from the 9-13 of March , will lead a delegation of 30 international solar developers, investors, manufacturers and financiers, to meet with all relevant stakeholders and explore project development and financing opportunities.

What is so exciting about this surge in the energy sector of Mexico, is that foreign direct investment is expected to increase as the number of both utility scale as well as commercial scale projects that are being announced grows. The Solar Finance Tour will provide the perfect platform for both international and local stakeholders looking to develop or expand their operations in Mexico, to explore the most successful business models within the new legislative framework. Participants in the trade mission will have unique access to key local and international stakeholders and discover how to plan, finance and implement their projects.

One of the main focuses of this year’s trade mission and conference will be on the actual financing of projects as opposed to the idea of project development. Attendees will meet with key government stakeholders, and both operational level, and high level decision makers through interactive sessions that take place outside of the exclusive networking luncheons and dinners. Legal consultancies will also have representatives present to explain the new changes in legislation, and bank representatives, investors, and other stakeholders will also be present to discuss opportunities within the recently transformed  market. 

The northern states of Mexico have the highest solar radiation in the world. Coupled with high and continuously rising electricity prices, solar is becoming even more competitive within the advancing market. The opportunities for solar development are tremendous as there are a huge number of projects coming down the pipeline. The market in Mexico is extremely attractive with energy demand increasing, the population steadily growing, and electrical blackouts occurring in remote areas. Solar can provide the stability the energy market of Mexico has been missing to power towns and villages in remote areas. Most importantly, utility and residential/commercial scale growth is not only feasible, but is going to start booming after the new year begins.

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Mexico’s new rules and regulations as has been expressed by solar proponents around the world, despite the fact that the recent changes had been anticipated for a long time. Luckily, with Solarplaza’s Solar Project Development & Finance Tour in Mexico City from March 9-13, 2015, any questions local and international stakeholders might have regarding the new policies set in place by the government and the evolving market will be answered throughout interactive sessions, interactive panels, and other exclusive networking activities.


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