25 January 2013


Jinko Solar

"Companies that survive the shakeout are set for big rewards in 2013"

What lessons did you learn in the year 2012 with respect to solar PV?
Even though 2012's end-market demand for PV products is unlikely to reach the record levels experienced in 2011, overall global PV installation during 2012 stands at about 30 GW. The European financial crisis, global trade barriers, consolidation, the cut or disappearance of feed-in tariffs, and bankruptcy are the main issues for the PV industry during 2012. But one thing is for sure: the companies that survive the current shakeout could be set for big rewards in 2013.

What highlights do you expect for JinkoSolar in 2013?
In 2013, on the back of steadying supply and demand, we expect to see reduced pressure on ASP declines and reduced inventory build-up risks. 2012 is the year of survival; 2013 will see a stabilisation and recovery phase.
With reduced competition due to the existence of tier-two and tier-three manufacturers, leading module suppliers such as JinkoSolar will be afforded greater access to R&D, downstream sales channels and more aggressive exploration in emerging markets.

What do you see as the most interesting emerging markets in 2013? What are the biggest challenges in these emerging markets?
China, India, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, GCC countries and Middle East regions, Australia, East and Middle European countries, for example Turkey – these are the most interesting emerging markets in 2013. 
Stabilisation of local policy, sales channels, buying behaviours and trade barriers are the biggest challenges in these emerging markets.

What has JinkoSolar scheduled for South Africa in 2013? What do you see as the biggest challenges in this market?
A minimum shipment of about 150-200 MW. Qualified and trained installation staff is one of the biggest challenges in this market.

What market size do you expect in India in 2013?
We expect a market size of about 2 GigaWatts.

Which of the new markets do you think will be the biggest surprise for the solar industry in 2013?
Everyone expects China to become the largest market in 2013; no matter how big it is, it will not be a surprise. India will show significantly robust demand.
What is your estimate as to market size for China in 2013, in terms of new installed PV power?
Our estimate, even conservatively speaking, amounts to at least 6 GW.

What are your market expectations for 2014? What do you think will change in 2014 compared to 2013?
Global installation in 2014 could be 40-45 GW. We envision achieving 5% market share. Compared to 2013, while Europe will continue to be one of the most important foundations in terms of solar demand, and shipment will continue to increase, relative share will come down, compensated by emerging markets. 2014 will see a rise in line volumes and implementation of projects in emerging countries.

What is your company strategy for the near future? Are you planning to include further downstream activities?
For JinkoSolar, all of the mentioned emerging markets are vital future markets and we would like to be one of the most active players there. JinkoSolar's strategy involves going further downstream; we plan to become a comprehensive energy company providing a one-stop energy solution.

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