13 May 2014


Top 10 Dutch Solar PV Projects








Henk Markerink (General Director): “It’s a great honor for the Amsterdam ArenA to be so prominently featured in the Top 10 of Dutch PV projects. First of all, it emphasizes our ambitions considering sustainability. Secondly, it shows that sustainability isn’t just a matter of words, but one of deeds. We prove that it’s being realized right now.”









At the end of May 2013 the new solar installation on the roof of Hitachi Data Systems’ offices in Zaltbommel also became operational. With a capacity of 1.6 Megawatt it lays claim on the fourth spot on the Top 10. Dick Lunenberg of Hitachi proudly states that the rooftop system is expected to have generated an impressive 1.5 million kWh in its first year, equal to the annual consumption of 460 households. It’s not just the management board that takes pride in this, it’s the entire workforce. Through Hitachi’s choice, they have become sustainability ambassadors and are spreading the word of the company’s sustainable initiatives. Hitachi’s state-of-the-art parking lot features 18 electric charging stations, freely available to all employees. The company also saves valuable clean water by using collected rainwater for all of its bathrooms. The campus serves as a leading example for the company’s worldwide operations. Recently, the Zaltbommel offices received a delegation of American developers and architects, who are building Hitachi’s new production center in Oklahoma in its image.









Cor van de Ven, spirited entrepreneur and founder of the Venco Group, inaugurated the new Venco Campus in 2012. This remarkable egg-shaped building – covered with solar panels – was built on the most beneficial spot of the 4,5-acre plot of land to ensure the best solar irradiation and the realization of a maximal yield of 1.4 Megawatt. Though he’s certainly proud of the achievement, Van de Ven openly shares his frustrations regarding the governments net-metering policy: “It’s very sad that, in the case of decentralized generation, the compensation for delivering energy back to the grid is next to nothing. It feels like we’re being punished for doing the right thing!” He expresses his strong hope that, in the near future, the financial market will see a rise in the number of “sustainability experts” that will see the true value of renewable energy applications. Van de Ven considers the unavailability of this knowledge to be a missed opportunity.









In the seventh position we find Heineken’s brewery in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, which brews its summery Wieckse beers with the help of 3.632 solar panels on the facility’s roof. Heineken remains proud of the accomplishment: “The sun has been the leading marketing theme for Wieckse for years now, so there couldn’t have been a more natural fit! Consumers see this and now make an even more conscious choice for Wieckse. Our brewers, who are masters in energy savings as well, are very happy with the decision to switch to solar energy. It contributes to the sustainability goals of the brewery and has really improved Heineken’s position within all the different groups of stakeholders.”









“The companies featured in the Top 10 really want to make a difference with their sustainable company policies. They have a drive, take their responsibility for the present and the future, and proudly spread the word,” says Denis Gieselaar of Oskomera. “Our corporate clients aren’t forced to switch, but choose to do so. That’s a pleasant way of working.” He expects next year’s Top 10 to include some very prestigious new projects, that are currently still on the writing table or under development.









The island of Ameland, for example, just announced it has closed in on complete financing for realizing a 6 Megawatt solar park with nearly 24.000 solar panels. This 10-acre project will be able to cover 20% of the island population’s energy need. Once finished, it will immediately take over the top spot in the list, which has been owned by the Floriade expo in Haarlemmermeer since 2002.


Many of the companies and developers featured in this overview will share their experiences on the 27th of May in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, during the sixth edition of the biggest Solar PV conference of the Netherlands: “The Solar Future: NL ”.




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