7 April 2010


Global Market for Solar Energy Surged in 2009 Despite Worldwide Recession

Germany, Italy and Japan continued to roar ahead of the pack in solar installations, with the emerging U.S. market beginning to gain momentum, just as more bright spots began to shine, from Brazil to Mexico.

But the coming years will continue to be a critical and important time for the solar industry, facing imminent reductions in European feed-in tariffs and ongoing oversupply. Will smaller markets be able to fill the void of a shrinking German market? Can the industry bear more pricing pressure?

Solarplaza’s 12th executive conference June 8 in Munich explores “The Solar Future” in a single-day event, packed with information and insight from an all-star panel of industry experts and CEOs. The conference will explore the dynamic marketplace in the years to come, from rooftop systems to utility scale plants, from government incentives to grid parity.

“We will be at the dawn of a new solar era, with solar energy from your roof competing, without incentives, with electricity from the grid,” predicts Edwin Koot, CEO of Solarplaza. “Solar industry players need to know where to position themselves to stand to win.”

Could the USA be the next big market? Or China or India? Will residential markets continue to beat the market of utility scale power plants? What will happen to financing as government investments begin to fade?

Even with a conservative estimate of 25 percent growth until 2013, solar installations will continue to present solar companies with substantial expansion opportunities. The Munich conference will arm solar industry leaders with the strategic knowledge they need to ensure they’re in the right place at the right time.

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