22 March 2007


Interview with Shu Huajun; Sales Manager Sunworld

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us some more about your personal background?
My name is SHU HUAJUN, Michael is my English name. I have been the company's sales manager for about one year. The main job is to build up a worldwide distribution channel for solar products. Graduated from university in France 2005 with a Master’s degree in business consultation , I devoted myself to this industry from that point.

Please introduce your company, tell us briefly about its history, main activities and key products.
Our company started to produce solar products in 2003, at a production facility in Guangdong Province. Main activities: production, distribution of solar modules and solar lighting, and installation of solar plant. Key products: high efficiency solar modules and solar lighting: mono crystalline and polycrystalline.

What are the ambitions of your company for the coming 3 years in terms of markets and volumes?
We shall build up a worldwide distribution channel for the Sunworld brand. The total volumes of solar modules will reach 600MW per year.

What is your opinion about the current PV market situation in your country?
Because of the high price and shortage of government feed-in tarrifs, the PV market in China is developing very slowly now.

If you were looking for international cooperation, which kinds of business partners would you be specially interested in?
The distributor or installer.

Which issues or developments are you specially interested in?
Movements in material prices

What will help your company grow even faster?
All sorts of marketing activities.

What market development has surprised you the most in recent years?
The growth of silicon materials and the booming demand for PV modules

What do you see as the major challenges in the PV market?
The biggest challenge is the price of solar modules, in other words, the shortage of silicon materials

What do you consider as the biggest failures or mistakes made in the solar industry?
Material prices

What are your expectations for the global PV market in the next 5 years?
40% increase every year for solar modules and government support.

What do you consider to be winning companies and technologies for the future?
Because the product should have a 25-year life, the quality and reputation of solar panels are the keys to the future.

Thank you for the interview.

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