13 August 2013


Massive solar power sets energy utilities further aside (video)

Solarplaza recently hosted a webinar to discuss the future of the energy grid, the conventional energy utility and the revolutionary effect of solar energy. To do so, we invited three international experts on the topic.


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Directly from the USA, Jigar Shah (Founder, SunEdison / Board member, Carbon War Room / CEO, Jigar Shah Consulting), logged on and put the situation into clear words: "While I talk to utility CEOs a lot, I really do believe that we are at war with the utility industry. That to suggest that we are going to coexist in some happy medium is to believe in unicorns and things that are fanciful. I think that we are absolutely disrupting their business model and many of the utility companies are going to become a shell of what they are today." His declaration of war emphasizes the urgency of the current developments. Solar energy is big enough and significant enough to make a big impact.


From Germany, Ruggero Schleicher-Tappeser (Sustainable Strategy Consultant) called in to explain the technological basis that underlies the rapid development of solar energy on a large scale: the fast innovation cycles, the flexibility of the technology, the decline in prices. Click here to jump to Ruggero's presentation .

Straight out of France, Thierry Lepercq (Chairman, Solairedirect) joined us to share his experience with and expertise on the impact of renewables on the European power grid and the threat that solar power is posing to the conventional energy utility business model. Click here to jump to Thierry's presentation .





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