23 April 2015


Chilean Market Overview and Supplemental Reading



Below you can find some noteworthy reports that give a comprehensive overview of the Chilean solar market at present, and where it is headed in the coming months with regard to new PV installations and projects coming down the pipeline.

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Status of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy in Chile by CIFES

The CIFES is an institution that strengthens the efforts of the Republic of Chile to develop non-conventional renewable energy, through the support of CORFO (Production Development Corporation) in the design, implementation, track, evaluation and promotion of programs, and strategic projects with public finance, that foster sustainable energy and innovation. Each month they publish an update regarding NCRE project status and installed capacity in Chile, giving valuable insight to the present status of the market in its most developed stages thus far.

According to CIFES’ February 2015 issue, the Ministry of Energy in Chile announced that over 61% of renewable energy projects currently under construction are solar PV, and while most projects currently in the pipeline are large-scale, experts predict that soon residential and commercial scale rooftop segments will take off as well, bringing the potential for solar to the Chilean masses. 


The Chilean Photovoltaic Market: Self-Consumption Up-And-Coming

The Chilean PV Market report, on the other hand, written by Berlin based market research company Büro F, gives an in-depth overview of the PV market in Chile in 2015 and calculates the future of Chilean market development over the next two years as large-scale projects increase and the implementation of solar becomes more widespread.

The Büro F report expects that given the high solar irradiation of the Chilean landscape, and the non-subsidized electricity price, an attractive market for PV plants >10 MW in Chile is already evolving, with new installations between 200-300 MW annually, giving rooftop solar installations an extra boost as the Chilean market becomes increasingly familiar with the benefits of solar, and begins utilizing it as a primary form of electricity.


Merchant Solar in Chile

Merchant solar PV plants are financed by investors and sell their electricity in the competitive wholesale power market. Currently, Coquimbo, Chile is home to the 1.2-megawatt Solairedirect project, with a second 80 MW plant in Chile’s Antofagasta Region currently under construction by Greenwood Energy. Merchant solar is particularly attractive to the Chilean solar PV market due to the abundance of sunlight, open spaces, high electricity prices and rising demand.

The articles showcased in this collection further discuss Chile’s position as presently one of the world’s fastest growing solar markets, and why it is in an excellent position for merchant solar to expand going forward. These articles also explain the benefits merchant solar offers to the Chilean solar PV industry.


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