24 April 2015


Top 25 Announced Projects NL

Author: Solarplaza

The Dutch solar PV market has several projects coming down the pipeline, making the latter part of 2015 extremely appealing for key players within the industry. Recent studies expect the Dutch market to double the installed PV capacity over the next two years, with 2015 as the first year where multiple 10+ MWp parks have been announced. While the amount of solar fields in The Netherlands at present is quite small, the shift taking place this year is bringing a striking increase to average project size. Each of the projects listed in the first ten of the project Top 20 will be built in fields, showing a considerable change happening within the Dutch PV market.


# Name Size Link
1 Veenkoloniën 250.0MWp More info
2 Powerfield 24 MWp 24.0MWp More info
3 Delta 18 MWp, Tholen 18.0MWp More info
4 Powerfield 15 MWp, Leek 15.9MWp More info
5 Schiphol Airport 15.0MWp More info
6 Zonnepark Woldjerspoor 14.0MWp More info
7 Groningen Westpoort 10.8MWp More info
8 Rundedal Emmen 10.8MWp More info
9 Zonnepark 6 MWp, Ameland 6.0MWp More info
10 TT-circuit Assen 5.5MWp More info


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Necessity of the SDE+ Subsidy

When comparing the bottom four projects of the Top 10 with the initial six, there is one key difference. For the relatively small projects, three out of the four projects have already received the SDE+ subsidy, an operating grant, whereas none of the larger projects have yet received this capital good. The SDE+ compensates for renewable energy generated by producers. The difference between the cost price, the unprofitable component, is compensated for a fixed number of years depending on the technology used, making it a vital component to the realization and survival of new PV projects.

10+ MW Fields

Last month in the Top 35 Biggest PV Projects in The Netherlands list, Floriade topped the list with a potential installed capacity of nearly 2.3 MWp. The capacity of the new Top 6 combined, with each project larger than 10+ MWp, equals 140 times the capacity of Floriade’s project. This massive increase of MWs represents the tremendous increase of business prospects in the Dutch solar PV market.

Unique Projects Among the Top 25

In Assen, a PV project is being realized on the racing circuit. The panels will be used for more purposes than just the generation of solar energy and the modules will be installed on a field.  Groenleven invented a state-of-the-art design that will allow the panels to serve as a roof over this area. Additionally, the upcoming PV project in Groningen is the first of its kind as it is going to be The Netherlands’ first ground-based thin-film project. Located near the Westpoort industrial site, this solar park will be realized with a peak capacity of 10.8 MWp.

The Distinctive Number 1

The Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr. Kamp, launched a project that must have a capacity of 6.000 MW of wind energy by 2020. This plan will partly be realized by installing 50 wind turbines in the Veenkoloniën, a region in Drenthe. Developer Powerfield has started a pro bono investigation examining the possibilities for this park, which will cover 3.5 million square meters. While the massive stature of this park, and its goal of producing 250 MWs in solar and wind runs the risk of not being realized, it still currently resides in the pipeline, making it by far the biggest PV project in The Netherlands.


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