27 July 2011


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Top 10 stock listed solar energy companies


Clean and Green
With the global push for companies and consumers to “go green”, more and more investors are looking to solar energy companies as a legitimate investment opportunity. As the latest Top Ten stock listed solar companies bears out, Solar Energy companies are more than holding their own in the marketplace. Government incentives and rebates, along with other benefits and rewards being offered to consumers and merchants also add a little extra incentive for those choosing to embrace solar technology.  Solar energy’s clean, affordable, non-intrusive environmentally friendly technology has made it a popular, appealing, and profitable investment venture.

As dependency on traditional energy resources continues to grow, the clean, cost effective alternative being offered by the solar energy industry is beginning to peak more interest and draw a sizeable number of new investors. And if the use of solar power continues to double every two to three years it has the potential to become a leading energy resource…again good news for investors.


The debate over dependence on traditional energy resources has raged on for decades. While it’s true that our ravenous appetite for fossil fuel consumption remains constant, the pursuit of alternative yet cost effective sources of energy continues to make its imprint in the marketplace. Which could mean continued growth, not just for those in the top ten, but for the solar industry in general—and of course, fresh new investment opportunities for investors.


Raising the Bar
Heading the list of Top Ten stock listed companies (based on market capitalization) is First Solar Inc. The company’s record-breaking Thin-Film technology and massive module production capacity, which is expected to reach 2.3GW in 2011 , has assured First Solar of a steady position as an industry leader since its foundation in 1999. This is obviously reflected in the company’s market capitalization, an impressive $10.7 billion that stands tall above the other companies in this overview.

Although the top 10 is mainly dominated by module manufacturers such as First Solar, REC, Trina Solar, Suntech and Sunpower, it is interesting to see that other parts of the supply chain are also featured amongst the solar giants. For example, on the second place we find GCL-Poly Energy, one of the world’s leading polysilicon and wafer suppliers. The third place in the overview has been claimed by the largest producer of solar inverters, SMA solar technology. That technology development is an integral part of solar energy’s infrastructure and growth is also demonstrated by GT Solar international, which occupies the number six space in the top ten list. GT Solar is a leading global provider of polysilicon production technology, crystalline ingot growth systems and related photovoltaic manufacturing services for the solar industry. Technological growth and innovation continues to drive the industry forward creating new opportunities for expansion. These companies and others like them continue to forge ahead leaving their mark on a growing industry. Interest in solar energy is nothing new. People have been taking about it for decades. But it hasn’t been until only recently that technology has enabled us to explore the possibilities and broaden the boundaries of what we know about solar energy.

Looking to the Future
The endless pursuit of solar energy as a realistic alternative energy source to fossil fuel shows no signs of waning; which is not only good news for businesses and consumers, but also great news for investors as well. Never underestimate the power of technology. The technologies used to collect and store solar energy are constantly evolving, allowing for increased efficiency and cost effectiveness. These top ten stock listed solar companies continue to promote growth and meet the challenge of providing sustained profitability to their investors head on.


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