29 October 2010


France: "There is a problem of governance in the solar sector”

If it deems the government measures appropriate, the industry points out the dangers of this regulatory instability, highlighting the consequences it could have: penalising players in the sector, investor apprehension. Also, it negates the possibility of an explosion in the access applications already filed with the ERDF. This is one of the arguments of the Charpin Report, according to which the 2020 targets of the Grenelle Environment Round Table (5,400 MW) will be attained in 2012.

Currently, 3,000 MW of projects are awaiting connection. In late 2009, there were 4,800 MW. "There is a problem of governance of the solar sector. The government cannot take new decisions every six months on the figures presented solely by the EDF. It would be in the interest of all stakeholders to put in place a Grenelle-type governance so that decisions taken are better informed and better received, " said Attorney Arnaud Gossement, Huglo-Lepage partner, before adding: "The right, which has gone a bit mad, would win! We must stop the barrage of legislation with which operators and consumers are confronted."

"This figure of 3,000 MW of pending projects, those other than the ERDF, comes from who knows where,” insists Arnaud Gossement. “The government deemed the 'speculative issues” justifiable, as well as its actions this year to avoid the effects of a windfall. What is needed is a public and transparent filtering process for access applications. Today, we still do not know to what these pending applications correspond, nor where the 1800 MW have gone that are missing from the queue..." To date, only 220 MW have been connected.

This issue of obstacles to the implementation of projects related to solar power in France will be one of the themes of the conference on solar energy held in Marseille on November 9 by SolarPlaza. Numerous French industry experts will be present.

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