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Yieldcon US 2015

03 Dec. 2015 at New York, USA

After a highly successful first edition of YieldCon (UK) in London this July, we are taking the event to the US, focusing on the large potential being realized and expected for Yieldcos.

YieldCon has been the first event of its kind completely focused on the opportunities and long-term perspectives for the yieldco model in the renewable energy market. What are yieldcos and how do they work? Why are they attractive from an investment and finance perspective? Which companies can use the yieldco model? And can the American experience be applied to the European market?

The conference provided answer to these and many other questions, providing “valuable and detailed insight into the structuring, project investments and valuations of Yieldcos and the unique differences between US & UK models” (Head, Business Development & Finance, Belectric UK), and stood out as “one of the best attended conferences I have been to this year” (UK General Manager, Greensolver).

“One of the best attended conferences I have been to this year based on a relevant topic with educational aspects. Something so many conferences seem to miss.” (Head Infrastructure Finance, Rand Merchant Bank)

Have a look at the 'Post Show Report' and the 'Event Photos' for an impression:


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