Solarplaza Summit | AI for a Renewable Future

Tuesday 8 October 2024



Welcome Words by Solarplaza

10 min.

Session Topics:

Session 1

Introduction to AI: Decades of Development, Now What?


Opening Keynote: Renewable Energy and Artificial Intelligence


20 min.

Since its inception, the renewable industry has always been at the forefront of hands-on innovation. Enter: The AI Boom of 2023.

An energizing and critical start to the day, this keynote is framed around the following question: what happens when a decade of accelerated renewable deployment meets a year of explosive growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 

Tik, tik, BOOM.

Session Topics:


Look Into The Black Box: Artificial Intelligence 101


20 min.

Word of the year in 2023 - “AI'' was chosen because it “has accelerated at such a fast pace and become the dominant conversation of 2023”. This presentation provides an introduction to the general concept of AI from industry buzzwords to clear terms and examples.

Session Topics:
  • Definition and typology of AI
  • Conception, history and evolution of AI 
  • Current use cases of AI 
  • Key technological developments and improvements expected


AI & Renewables: Market Disruption and Market Dynamics


20 min.

According to Goldman Sachs, AI investments are forecasted to approach $200 billion globally by 2025. This presentation will delve into the existing market interests, and share insights into key technological and market developments over the next three years.

Session Topics:
  • What is hot in the market?
  • Overview of ongoing and upcoming market trends intersecting AI and Renewables
  • How is AI expected to impact the clean energy sector/ market
  • Key market developments: which industries and sectors are embracing AI
  • Current investment landscape AI
  • Expected market impact of the EU Artificial Intelligence Act


Morning Networking Break

Session Topics:

Session 2

Behind the Buzz: Breaking Down Threat and Opportunity


Weighing The Value Of AI For The Energy Transition


60 min.

The picture is split. On one hand, reports from Forbes, the IEA, and NVIDIA paint a “sunlit” image of AI powering the energy transition through smart grids, storage optimization, and accurate forecasts. On the other hand, AI is poised to drive a 160% increase in data centre power demand, and increased cybersecurity threats.

This panel will evaluate what “AI” means in the scope of the energy transition, weigh advantages against risks, and discuss critically the potential added value to the industry.

Session Topics:


Unpacking The EU Artificial Intelligence Act


20 min.

Following its approval on May 21 this year, the EU Artificial Intelligence Act is on track to enter in full force over the next 24 months, with short deadlines of 6 months for prohibited AI and longer deadlines of 26 months for AI systems already regulated by EU law. This presentation aims to equip attendees with key knowledge to tackle this new legislation by highlighting timelines, conditions and deliverables. Learn what the potential impact on your business will be as well as how to prepare for it.

Session Topics:
  • Legal basis underpinning the EU Artificial Intelligence Act
  • Key timelines, conditions and deliverables
  • List of companies within the renewable space to be impacted
  • Potential direct and indirect implications


Story Time: Lessons Learned From Another Industry


20 min.

This session is intended to facilitate cross-industry learning. Gain insights into the risks, challenges, and lessons learned as a key profile shares their strategic-level thinking and real-life process of deploying AI within their business model.

Session Topics:


Networking Lunch

Session Topics:

Session 3

AI For A Renewable Future


Case Study 1: AI’s Impact In The Design & Construction Phase


20 min.

Considering the limitless potential that AI provides to our industry, join a pioneering company in how they are implementing AI to drive their solutions.

Session Topics:


Case Study 2: AI & Energy Storage


20 min.

Session Topics:


AI-Powered Business Cases: Leveraging Key Learnings


30 min.

Framed around the two pillars of cutting costs and increasing revenues, join the discussion on how AI can be leveraged for a stronger business case with innovators and financiers.

Session Topics:


Afternoon Networking Drinks

Session Topics:

Session 4

An AI-deal Future for Renewables?


Case Study 3: AI Advancements In Predictive, Scenario, and Impact Analysis


20 min.

Session Topics:


Closing Workshop Into Networking Drinks: Gamified Application: AI + Energy

50 min.

This informal workshop will serve to bridge the topics discussed today with the real-world knowledge and experience of you, from the renewable sector. Distil today's learnings into an action plan, or key takeaways for the and your specific company. Run and led by the day’s speakers, this will be a fun, active discussion with input from the audience. You are encouraged to use the following networking break to further brainstorm with fellow attendees. 

And yes, drinks are provided. 

Session Topics:


Networking Drinks

Session Topics:

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