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Hybrid Renewables: collaborating towards a greener future

08 April 2020 by Solarplaza

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Juanita Ojeda, Hybrids Marketing Leader at GE and Vasiliki Klonari
Senior System Integration and Digitalisation Analyst at WindEurope

Long has it been voiced by the energy industry that intermittency is the main drawback for the expansive deployment of renewables. And that could very well be true…in the past. Now, with the plummeting costs of renewables, paired with the current challenges of grid constraints and curtailment, co-locating different renewable technologies in a single site (Renewable Hybrid Power Plants) makes for an attractive business venture. In this way, intermittency is smoothened out by the complementary effects of these technologies.

However, deploying Hybrid Renewable Power Plants still poses certain challenges. Join Juanita Ojeda and Vasiliki Klonari to discuss: what are hybrid renewables? Why should the renewable energy industry pursue this endeavour, and how can it do so?

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  • What are hybrid renewables and some examples of hybrid power plants.
  • What are the benefits of co-locating different energy generating technologies?
  • The main challenges for hybrid renewables and a discussion on the regulation needed to push these forward.

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