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Thriving within Spain's 'solar bubble': 2020 and beyond.

13 Jan. 2020 by Leoncio Montemayor

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A massive solar rush. The Solar Wild West. It is of no surprise to anyone in the field that Spain seems to be experiencing a new kind of 'bubble', mostly aided by incredibly low costs, an ultra-competitive market and an oversupply of projects/PPAs. 



  • So, what happened with the 2016-2017 auction projects?
  • Types of 'bubbles': artificial, market, authorized and regulatory.
  • Tips on how to best survive the eventual 'pop'.
  • What is really going to happen to the 100+ GWs of projects looking for approval?
  • Lessons from the first 'solar bubble'.
  • A financial and a market perspective.
  • Audience Q&A

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