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Webinar - Energy deregulation and blockchain: a perfect match?

12 Nov. 2018 by


On Nov 1 2018, the energy market in Singapore opened up for competition as the Open Electricity Market will be extended to more than 1.4 million households. And this is not only happening in Singapore, but many Asian countries are following suit or have already done so, like Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and others. 

Martin Lim, COO at Electrify.Asia, was joined by Leoncio Montemayor, Project Manager at Solarplaza, to explore the opportunities and challenges with energy deregulation and blockchain and the breadth of possibilities that arise for consumers, producers, relailers and many more. 

Topics discussed in this webinar:

  • What is blockchain's role in a deregulated energy market?
  • Is blockchain able to provide lower energy costs to consumers?
  • The opportunities that blockchain brings to all stakeholders.

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